Arena Structure


Arena CAP

Scientific Consulting

The scientific advisory of Atlético is responsible for upholding all technical areas of football of the club. This support is done in different ways, depending on the requirements of each department of the club.

First of all, it is oversaw  the training of all categories of Atletico. The trainers and coaches receive the data collected in physical and physiological assessment of athletes. In addition, they also receive information and support to enhance the biomechanical (3D - tactics of game on the computer - videos and scouting ). At this point, the scientific advisory is responsible for filming and analyzing the tactics of all matches of the four categories in which Atlético plays championships. Having made the analysis along with the coaching staff, it is designed a plan for a training and a program to control the activities of each of category.

Moreover, the scientific advisory is in charge for management of the social support and education of each athlete. The social department workers provide the assistance to the families of the players and also the educational support offered in the Centre of Studies within CT do Caju.

Infrastructure which includes  two hotels with accommodations by 180 guests a day, two restaurants supporting by 800 meals a day and laundry for 60,000 pieces of garment a month.

It also includes two thermal swimming pools, gym, green landscaping area, natural pond, parking having capacity by 120 vehicles and security 24/7  monitoring system

Health Assessement of Athlete

As same as others football clubs, the health department is one of most relevant within Atlético.  The professionals of Altético have been developing a background specialized in sports aiming to ensure the physical recover of athletes and their return to football pitches. 

The Red-Blacks has a professional staff, specialists in sports medicine, orthopedics, cardiology, physiology and physiotherapy.

Diagnosis is the first task of  medical procedure. From the complaints of athletes, tests are done to identify the problem and give to professionals a precise diagnosis. Physicians are in charge for asking the clinical analysis about the athlete and communicate the physical status to the coaching staff. Depending on the extention of the case, it is necessary a surgery or physical therapy.

The medical health assessment from Atlético never stops. In every single morning and afternoon the physicians are at the club, as well as they assist all over travels in all categories of CAP. They are attentive in the training games being always on the bench of the matches, ready to face emergencies.

The purpose of the Health Assessment Centre is to provide a superior physiotherapy and medical care to

athletes from CAP through one of the most high tecnological infraestructure and outstanding professionals. Its mission is to provide a efficient treatment, in a  preventive or corrective way. The values are: Accurate diagnosis, competency, respect, commitment and modern.

Facility Operations Department

It has a mission to conduct the operations of CT do Caju in a good maintainance in order to keep it as one of most important sport centre in Latin America.

There are 12 distinct areas. It involves about 200 employees spread in materials management, maintenance of football pitches and gardens, hospitality, cleaning, kitchen, security, transportation, and so on.

They are several areas, but they works in synergy. Everything has a  purpose of providing a delight moments for fans through players and coaching staff on pitch.

Nutrition Department

It supports the athletes to maintain their best physical shape as possible to get the high performance on the footbal pitch. For reaching this goal, the Department adjusts all menu along with analyses of  the nutritional status of all players from CAP.

In the department, the multidisciplinary professionals evaluates the nutrition of athletes during periods of training and on match days. Each player frequently takes the dietary assessment  due to keep them healthy for their performance on the pitch. For youth development players, this care still promotes better growth conditions.

Preparing the next stars of the club, the youth players take a part in practical and theorical activities to gain further information about nutrition education that will help them to become a better players. Private consultings are held with the purpose of improving eating habits, introduce practices sports nutrition and adapt their nutrition off CT do Caju.  In these consultings, the advices are prescribed according to individual needs such as gain muscle mass, adapt the weight and others.

Another duty of it is also overseeing each meals prepared in the red-blacks restaurants. It is done about 18,000 meals a month with the quality and nutritional balance required. The nutrition team not only prescribes the menu, the food preparation guides, schedule the specific times for the meals of athletes and officials as well as prepares the menu of games and travel.

Professional Football Department

According to the philosophy deployed at Atletico Paranaense from 2012, the club seeks the best professionals in football market.

This philosophy embraces professionalism, innovation and breaking paradigms. The change management aims being off  "vicious cycle" of  Brazilian bussiness traps to impact the culture and people.

For this occur, the CAP hired qualified professionals to deal with Fucarão challenges. One of the first actions introduced was the specific analysis instead of the general analysis  highlighting the talents trained in CT do Caju in addition to improving the environment of the sport.