With three CAP Layers, Brazil U17 National Team defeated Uruguay

25/03/2015 - Imprensa CAP

In duel for South American, Brazilian won the Uruguayan by 3-2 and follow in the title race

The Brazilian National Team U17 won a major victory by the South American, on Monday (23), Paraguay. For the third round of the final hexagonal, Brazilian won Uruguay by 3-2 and follow in the fight for the title of the competition. The goalkeeper Julian, the defender Zé Marcos and the Riuler midfielder, all from Atletico Paranaense, participated in the win.

The first clash of goal came after just 14 minutes. Evander finished off right and made 1-0 to Brazil. At the second stage 16, however, Uruguay made all equal. Valverde creeping finalized and included the diversion of the Brazilian defense to level the score. 1 on 1.

The Brazilian team returned to the attack and was ahead again seven minutes later. After creeping the right cross, Ramon pushed into the net. 2-1.

The advantage this time, did not last long. After 28 minutes, the referee called controversial penalty after touch the Caíque arm. Valverde tied again. 2 by 2.

Despite the equality already in the final part of the game, the Brazilian team had the strength to get the third goal and the win. After 38 minutes, Evander finished outside the area and declared a Brazilian triumph. 3-2.

With the result, Brazil has reached six points from three matches and occupies the second position of the final hexagonal, a point behind Argentina. For the fourth round, faces Paraguay at 20h next Thursday (26) in Asuncion.